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February 02, 2013

Sony is a global popular brand for the electronics. As they have an established brand as a household name, they can pull the customer demand after launching the mobile handsets. The effective and useful functions are embodied with those phones. The breakthrough segmentation of Sony is to explore the music phones. As the company is superior in producing good quality speaker, they use it in the phones also. The company aims to bring new models capable of digital photography as well as other multimedia capabilities like downloading and viewing video clips and personal information management capabilities. Using their cutting age technology they try to evolve globalization in the mobile communications. Their strategy is to link all the nations under same umbrella. Sony mobiles are good for their nice multimedia features as well as professional features. Recently, customers are very much attracted by the smart phone of Sony. For employing new breakthrough technology like ‘floating touch’ the company raising the demand for their phones rapidly.


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